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Lighthouse Community Development is committed to creating stable, affordable housing for working families and to revitalizing communities. It develops safe, decent affordable housing and organizes neighborhoods; and builds assets, self-sufficiency, and success through intensive home ownership and financial management training programs.

 Lighthouse Community Development seeks to improve the net-worth of families we serve, to help them reduce indebtedness and to help them to learn to better handle their finances so they can achieve their personal and financial goals. Lighthouse Community development is currently working closely with individuals to help them avoid foreclosure and keep their homes.

Housing Counseling

LCD holds a homebuyer seminar each month of the year. We partner with a lender, realtor, and other professionals in a six-hour seminar. These seminars provide potential first time home buyers with a wealth of information they need to eventually achieve homeownership. We cover a multitude of topics including: affordability, budgeting, what a lender is looking for, types of loans, how to work with a realtor, working with an inspector, etc. These seminars are the doorway to more involved personal counseling with a client to help them prepare to apply for a loan and to review all documents involved in the loan process. The goal is to educate the client so they can make an informed decision.

Financial Education

LCD provides both group financial education and one-on-one financial counseling. The goal of our financial education activities are to assist clients develop attainable financial goals and to learn how to make wise decisions in the use of their finances. We offer a series of two hour classes covering a variety of topics. Clients are then encouraged to participate in our one-on-one counseling where we work with them to deal with specific personal financial issues.

To learn more about our FREE Financial Education Series, please select a link below:

September & October 2012 Financial Ed. Series


Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

LCD has been providing foreclosure prevention counseling since 2001. In 2007, this became a primary part of our housing counseling activities due to the increasing number of foreclosures in southeastern Michigan. Today, LCD is one of the largest non-profit foreclosure prevention counseling agencies in the region. We provide counseling to clients who are faced with mortgage delinquency to help them determine if they might qualify for a loan modification or forbearance plan or help them determine if they are financially able to retain their home. If they can’t, we assist them look for alternative solutions. We help in the preparation of the workout plans and negotiations with the servicers.

Join our team!  Click here to learn more about our AmeriCorps Foreclosure Program Analyst postion.

Center for Working Families

The Center for Working Families (CWF) is an approach to help low and moderate income families reach financial stability and move up the economic ladder. The program offers access to a full range of essential economic supports in a convenient neighborhood location to help families build self-sufficiency, stabilize their finances, and move ahead. Lighthouse staff designs services that support each participant’s goals, including:

  • Employment training and coaching
  • Benefits screening
  • Financial education and one-on-one coaching

Lighthouse's Center for Working Families makes it easier for families to tap into all of the services and supports for which they qualify, filling in the gaps and helping them weather unexpected setbacks. Lighthouse works with families on a long-term basis, providing supports to them as their needs change. Currently the program serves 200 families and we are now turning away many families who are seeking support to find career-track employment, to learn to better manage their personal finances and to gain access to public benefits.


To learn more about our CWF program, please click here.

Mission Statement

To empower residents to transform communities in crisis into vibrant neighborhoods.

LCD has focused its collective efforts on neighborhood redevelopment and investment, financial education, and free forclosure counseling counseling.






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