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Lighthouse PATH is an empowerment program which offers transitional housing for up to 65 homeless women and their children. At PATH, formerly homeless families live in a safe, nurturing environment for two years. During that time they are provided with quality empowerment programs and life skills training which is essential for them to begin to rebuild and transform their lives from poverty to self-sufficiency. PATH's programs are so successful that nearly 91% of PATH residents start their new life with full-time employment and permanent housing.


Lighthouse PATH's remarkable success is due, in part, to a range of supportive services that enable the residents to build the skills they need to survive and succeed after they leave PATH. These services include life skills classes, therapy for families who have suffered trauma, access to high quality job training, and academic support services.


Lighthouse PATH focuses on providing the necessary skills required to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Since 1991, PATH has provided housing to over 900 women and 2,250 children.

Lighthouse PATH offers life-changing programs:

Intensive Case Management:
When accepted into PATH, clients work with a Family Advocate to develop an Action Plan with detailed goals; goals may include a plan to complete education, entrance into a job-training program, secure employment, and improve parenting skills. Long-term goals may include credit repair, budgeting, and saving for independent living.

Individual and Group Counseling: Counseling is available both on-site and at agency locations. Families address concerns relating to domestic violence, substance abuse, effects of homelessness and any concerns with the children.

Empowerment & Life Skills Classes: PATH offers a variety of empowerment and life skills programs designed to accommodate the needs of the women in the program. These unique programs allow women in our program to establish a solid foundation as they begin to restructure their lives. Partnering with local community service agencies, volunteers, and other Lighthouse programs, PATH women are able to receive training in the following areas: financial education, parenting & child development, nutrition, budgeting, time management, career coaching, and other household management classes.

Children’s Services: PATH’s Children Learning Center is licensed by the State of Michigan and includes an on-site Infant/Toddler program, a Montessori program as well as after school enrichment programs, summer camp, and a high school completion program.

Learn more about PATH's Children's Services here



 Mission Statement

To eliminate the cycle of homelessness through a program for homeless families, which offers transitional housing, educational and employment support, life skills programs and children’s services that foster the development of self-esteem, self-sufficiency and economic independence.

Learn more about PATH's Children's Services here

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