Volunteering offers so many potentially life-changing moments. That is true both for our clients who benefit from the services and care that volunteers provide, as well as for the volunteers themselves who are taking steps to help better their community and finding themselves humbled in doing so. Volunteers are a critical and necessary part of our team here at Lighthouse.

Whether you're an individual, family, corporate group, school, church, or retiree - there are opportunities for you to volunteer at Lighthouse!
Contact Alex Urbanczyk (Pontiac Office), at (248) 972-1492 or [email protected] or
Michele Robinson (Clarkston Office), at (248) 620-6116 or [email protected] to schedule your volunteer experience.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities


The receptionist is the first contact that our callers and visitors encounter. There are current openings for receptionists in four areas within Lighthouse. The shifts are from 8:00am - noon or noon - 4pm Monday-Friday.


If you have a valid driver's license and are able to lift up to 45 lbs, we are always in need of drivers to assist us in picking up donations from within the community. Donations can consist of food, household items, or small furniture. We need drivers on a weekly basis, as well as additional drivers willing to be on call Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

Senior Services Program Assistant

Lighthouse's Senior Services program is looking for volunteers to help assist with in-home senior assessments, phone calls, and some light office work. Senior Services Program Assistants will also help pack fruits and vegetables for home-bound seniors and help with our monthly senior luncheons held here at the Lighthouse.

Direct Service Interviewer

We are always in need of volunteers to help interview clients and assess their needs. This job requires training which consists of an orientation, individual on the job shadowing with a staff member or experienced volunteer, and software training in the use of our client database. Volunteers in this position should be comfortable with using a computer.

Food Pantry

Lighthouse is always in need of volunteers to help in our pantry sorting food and stocking the shelves. Pantry volunteers also pack food for the individuals and families who come to us for help. Our pantry is the only pantry in Oakland County that operates 5 days per week and services all of Oakland County. The hours of operation are 9:30am - 3:00pm Monday - Friday.


Group Opportunities

Lighthouse offers volunteer opportunities for groups from all kinds of schools, churches, clubs, organizations, workplaces, etc. Working as a team in a setting that is not a normal work setting can provide many benefits. Employees can develop better communication and team working skills through volunteering.


Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering as a team takes teamwork to a whole new level. There are many benefits of volunteering as a team. You'll gain a huge sense of achievement as a group. You'll work towards your company's policy for Corporate Social Responsibility. You'll partake in something memorable that couldn't be done by sitting in a conference room. Volunteering with your work group can be a wonderful team-building experience.


High School Community Service Hours

High School Students are always welcome to volunteer at Lighthouse! We provide an experience that will leave students with a lasting impression of what it means to give back. The most simple task can have an incredible impact - and we welcome individual volunteers as well as groups from high schools and middle schools.

Click here for ideas of ways to fund-raise for Lighthouse in exchange for community service hours!


Volunteer Application


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Volunteer Preferences (Check all that Apply):
Working Directly with a staff person as an assistant
Providing service to several clients
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Doing Research, trainining or an individual project
Assisting with Events
Helping around the office in general administrative duties
Community Outreach
Child Care
Building and Grounds Maintenance
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I certify that the information provided is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also acknowledge that should any information on this volunteer application prove to be false or misrepresented, my application may be rejected and I may be terminated. I also authorize Lighthouse of Oakland County and/or its subsidiaries to verify all of the information provided as allowed by law.
I agree to keep confidential all information pertaining to Lighthouse of Oakland County, and/or its subsidiaries, clients or other confidential information including data lists, financial numbers, client or volunteer personal information, etc. I agree not to remove files from the premises of Lighthouse of Oakland County and/or its subsidiaries or to divulge any information obtained through Lighthouse without the express written permission of Lighthouse and/or its subsidiaries. I further agree not to publish or otherwise make public any information regarding Lighthouse and/or its subsidiaries� clients, donors, employees or volunteers in such a way that would make the person identifiable.
In order to ensure a safe working environment, I am aware that Lighthouse of Oakland County and/or its subsidiaries may conduct a criminal history background, driving record and/or reference check prior to my acceptance as a volunteer at Lighthouse of Oakland County and/or its subsidiaries. I am aware that individuals who refuse to comply with this request will not be accepted as volunteers at Lighthouse of Oakland County and/or its subsidiaries.

It is my understanding that any information obtained in the course of the background investigation will be held strictly confidential by Lighthouse. Information gathered will be used only in connection with the volunteer placement process. I hereby authorize Lighthouse of Oakland County Inc. to conduct a comprehensive review of my background, which may include information concerning my criminal, motor vehicle, and other history. I understand this authorization automatically expires 90 days from the date executed below and I have the right to revoke this authorization ay any time provided I do so in writing to Lighthouse of Oakland County Inc.
I authorize Lighthouse of Oakland County, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries to obtain information in order to conduct a background and/or reference check.

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