Fundraising is essential!

Without regular donations, Lighthouse would not be able to function and carry out our good work in the communities we serve. We rely on regular people in the community to help us fund-raise items and dollars that enable us to continue to help thousands of families each year. People fund-raise for all kinds of reasons - here are some reasons why you should help raise money/items for Lighthouse!

1. A fundraiser doesn't have to cost much or take much time, but it has a huge impact!

2. It can bring people together for a good cause, including friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers!

3. Fundraising can be lots of fun! You can use themes and get creative to give your fundraiser your own personal style.

4. Making a positive impact in your community in the spirit of giving back will make you feel great!

5. You can do it with your friends - and you may even meet new people and find new hobbies while participating.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Party with a Purpose - Gather your friends and get together for a cause. Ask each guest to bring a particular item that you are collecting, such as: diapers, personal products, canned goods, etc. or simply ask guests to make a monetary donation with the proceeds to benefit Lighthouse! Our development team would be happy to help you come up with a fun theme for your party.

Gift Card Gathering - Get together with your friends at your home or at a restaurant or other meeting space. Choose a theme if you would like, such as: groceries, gas, or general. Ask each guest to bring a gift card!

Bargain Shop/Coupon - Keep your eyes open for deals on items that are always critically needed in Lighthouse's Emergency Pantry such as: macaroni & cheese, pasta noodles, pasta sauce, peanut butter & jelly, and canned goods. Stores often run sales or promotions on items we desperately need - and you can pick these items up on your regular shopping trip!

Bake Sale - Who doesn't love home-made treats? Bake up a batch of brownies, cookies, or your own special treat and bring it in to work! Tell your co-workers/family/friends that all proceeds from the sale of your baked goods will be collected and donated to Lighthouse.

Casual Day - Offer your employees the opportunity to dress in jeans or casual wear for a small donation! Lighthouse will provide a supply of acknowledgements to your company for each employee to wear who participates in your Casual Day fundraiser.

Coin Drive - What do you do with all that spare change in your desk drawer? Organize a coin drive! Have your employees gather their loose coins and make a donation to Lighthouse. It adds incentive to create competition between departments to see who can collect the most. You'll be surprised how fast coins add up! Even better, ask your company to match the donation!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Drive - This is a fun and easy way to collect peanut butter and jelly, two of the most critically needed items in our pantry at all times. This drive has a name, "Spread the Love!" It's an easy fundraiser for children and can be held at any school or community event.

Food Drive - Our food pantry operates 5 days a week and is always in need of donations. As soon as the shelves are stocked with food, volunteers are taking it off the shelves to fill food pantry orders for clients in need. You can get creative by stacking and organizing the cans in fun designs and patterns that represent your company or logo. It is also helpful to encourage competition among classes/departments to obtain a better overall outcome.

Personals Drive - Our emergency pantry also supplies clients with household necessities such as: toilet paper, paper towel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and soap. Pick a theme and get creative, this is a great way to raise items that will truly make someone's day.

To brainstorm, or for more ideas or information about fundraising, contact Alex Urbanczyk at (248) 972-1492 or [email protected]