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LCD Foreclosure Prevention Program

Lighthouse Community Development provides counseling services to home owners facing mortgage delinquency or possible foreclosure. We are a HUD certified housing counseling agency and do not charge for our services. We are staffed by trained and certified foreclosure counselors.

Our web based service permits you to download the forms we need to have you complete and return to us. In addition, you will find a Foreclosure Prevention Checklist that identifies documents we need from you before we are able to assist you.

This may seem like a substantial amount of material we are requesting and it is. However, we are required by our funders to collect all this information. The material you provide us will enable us to better understand your current situation and enable us to work in a more informed way with your lender.

Please take time to complete all the documents and put together the requested material. When this is done, please call Ms Williams at 248-920-6060, ext 2241.

Downloadable Foreclosure Prevention Forms

Counseling Agreement and Release of Information

National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program Privacy Policy

Household Profile

Foreclosure Counseling Acknowledgment and Disclaimer

Third Party Authorization & Credit Report Request


Client – Counselor Contract

Foreclosure Prevention Checklist

Monthly Budget

4506T-EZ IRS Form

Foreclosure Prevention FAQs

1. Do I really have to fill out all the paperwork?
Yes. Lighthouse is funded through a federal grant and we are told what documents need to be in client files before we can be reimbursed.

2. If I don’t understand some of the documents I must fill out, can someone at Lighthouse assist me?
Yes. You need to contact Ms. Kamika Williams at 248-920- 6060, ext 2241 and she will help you.

3. What does Lighthouse charge for their services?
We don’t charge. Lighthouse is a HUD certified housing counseling agency. Therefore, we are not permitted to charge for our services. We are funded through grants from various organizations and that pays for our services.

4. How do I know the materials I send you will be kept confidential?
Because we are a certified agency, we have to meet certain standards. All your documentation will be put into a separate file and retained in a locked and secure file cabinet.

5. Can you guarantee that I will get a loan modification?
No we can’t. Each situation is unique. We will explore every option available and help you understand what you may be able to qualify for. Ultimately, the final decision is rendered by the lender.


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