Lighthouse Community Development Programs:

  1. Acquisition and Restoration of Homes - This program concentrates on taking homes that are blighted or approaching blight conditions and rehabilitating them for resale to low-income first time homebuyers.
  2. Construction of New Homes - New homes are constructed and sold to
    low-income first time homebuyers.  Click here for more on buyer qualifications, to see what houses are available, or to view photos of some of our beautiful completed homes.
  3. Owner-Occupied Home Repairs - To assure that the existing housing
    stock in Unity Park does not deteriorate any further, LCD completes home repairs ranging from house painting to complete replacement of roofs.
  4. Home Ownership Training - This training program is designed to prepare low-income families to become successful homeowners. The topics include understanding the mortgage process, working with real estate agents, understanding the role of title companies, and a purchase agreement, the importance of having a professional home inspection, and a detailed explanation of closing costs.
  5. Home Maintenance Training Program - This program is designed to teach prospective homeowners and current homeowners about the importance of routine maintenance. The topics include fixing a leaking faucet, changing your furnace filter, and tips on avoiding major repair costs.
  6. Financial Management Training/Counseling Program - This new program at Lighthouse Community Development offers both group training sessions and one and one counseling. The topics include rebuilding your credit, how to avoid future credit problems, developing and sticking to a household budget, wants versus needs, and financial record keeping.
  7. Community Organizing: Community residents come together on a monthly basis to discuss important issues and plan for community events, such as clean-up days and social events.  Unity Park's Action Center Block Club is held the second Monday of each month, and all are welcome to attend.


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