Special Event: Savvy Showhouse

Men and women volunteers needed to work in groups of six for a two-hour shift on either of the following days:
   Saturday, June 8  12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. or 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
   Sunday, June 9    10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. or 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Some lifting required for set-up and clean up.

Must be friendly, confident and personable. Also able to greet and give directions. Some knowledge of Lighthouse of Oakland County or Lighthouse of Community Development helpful.

Volunteer assignments for this event will be given on June 1, 2002 at Lighthouse Community Development's conference room from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please use entrance Door B.

Please respond by calling Michaeline Jones, Coordinator of Community Outreach (248) 920-6060 ext. 2403.

Data Entry - Entering information into our database, such as new donors. Also adding information to the account that needs to be changed, such as change of address, phone number, deceased, etc. Depending on the computer knowledge of the volunteer we might ask them to do flyers or other basic computer tasks.

Bulk Mailing - We do many appeals throughout the year. In that we do so many we like to have a mail crew we can call on to help get such mailings out. They would stuff envelopes, fold letters, and most importantly, keeping all zip codes in order.

Office Volunteers - Volunteers might work in a different area as needed each week assisting with filing, data entry to update computer files, phone calling to update files, handling incoming phone calls to set up appointments, collating materials for meetings, word processing on the computer for reports and helping to compile information for reporting purposes. Commitment: once a week for four hours.

Special Events - For our many special events, golf outing, Hunger Walk, Arts, Beats & Eats, Fish Fry, Beacon of Hope, Boat Show Charity Launch, etc., we can always use volunteers to register guests, help with our auctions, set up for the events, as well as clean up.

Light Maintenance - Grounds keeper as well as light maintenance around and inside any of our buildings.

Childcare - Volunteers are needed to supervise and entertain children while their parents participate in Lighthouse programs. Commitment: a few hours per week during the day and in the evening.

Interview Volunteer - Interview clients to assess their needs and, according to agency policy, find ways to respond to those needs. Volunteers need good people skills and must be empathetic while maintaining objectivity. Volunteers do utilize a computer during the interview process. We provide training necessary to perform your assignment. Commitment: once a week for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Clients are seen Mon - Fri, 9am-3:30pm; except on Thursdays, when we close at 3pm to clients. Volunteers may work all day 9am-3:30pm, mornings 9am-12:30pm or afternoons from 12:30pm-3:30pm.

Greeter/Information Volunteer - These volunteers work the same schedule as above. They greet clients and make sure that each client has or is given the proper forms to fill out and/or paperwork with them to expedite service. They also answer questions and notifies each case manager of their next appointment's arrival. Commitment: 3 1/2 - 4 hours, one day a week.

Pantry Volunteer - Work in the agency's food pantry - sorting and stocking food, repackaging food when needed, bagging food for clients, maintaining cleanliness of pantry, receiving food donations, cleaning out refrigerators and freezers when needed, and checking perishable food stuffs such as milk, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables for freshness. Sometimes there is lifting and carrying of boxes of foodstuffs involved. Commitment: once a week for four hours.

Case Management Volunteer - This is a special program designed to provide one-on-case management to mothers and their children who are referred by emergency shelters. Volunteers work with either the SAFE or FIRST Coordinators. Volunteers may help with office duties, such as data entry, filing, etc. They may also be involved in assisting with meetings and special events for the families in these programs. Meetings and special events may be held at the Lighthouse office or offsite. There may be some evening volunteering involved. Commitment: Generally 2-4 hours one day a week. To learn more about this program contact the SAFE Coordinator at Lighthouse Emergency Services at 248-920-6100 ext. 2204.

Van Driver, General - Volunteer to drive Lighthouse Emergency Services cargo van. Volunteer is contacted when needed to perform donation pick ups, deliveries and other errands. Commitment: Variable. Volunteer is called when there is a need. Volunteer has the option to accept the request. If you are not available, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact another van driver.

Van Drivers, Medical Appointments - Volunteers drive Lighthouse Emergency Services vehicles during the performance of their duties. Duties include driving homebound seniors to medical appointments. Commitment: 1 day per week. Medical appointments are scheduled Monday - Friday 9:00am - 1:00pm.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Delivery - Deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to seniors in the Pontiac area the first Monday of each month from November to April. Delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables can also be done using your own vehicle. Commitment: One day per month November and December. 2 days per month January through April. Drivers will be given a delivery calendar for November through April.

Focus Hope Van Driver - Deliver Focus Hope food to homebound and disabled seniors once a month in the Pontiac area. Deliveries are generally the third Thursday of the month. Commitment: One-half to one day a month. Length of time dependent upon the number of deliveries.

Focus Hope Assistant Deliverer - Assist Focus Hope driver with deliveries to homebound and disabled seniors once a month in the Pontiac area. Deliveries are generally the third Thursday of the month. Commitment: One-half to one day a month. Length of time dependent upon the number of deliveries.

Handy Volunteer - These volunteers assist seniors in our Caregivers program when they are in need of minor home repair. Volunteers might change furnace filters, batteries in smoke detectors, light bulbs, doorknobs or locks, etc. The minor home repair you would be called upon to perform would depend on your skills. Materials used for the minor repair are paid for by the client. Commitment: On-call. When a senior calls with a need, we would contact our handy volunteers to see who is available. Generally calls are responded to Monday - Friday, but if a client is agreeable the work can be done on a weekend.

Senior Companion - A volunteer would be assigned to a homebound senior client. Once a week, once every other week, etc. the volunteer would go to the senior's home and visit with that individual for an hour or longer if you wish. You might talk, play cards or a board game, or read to the client, if requested. Commitment: 1 - 2 hours a week or every other week.

Telephone Reassurance - Volunteers can perform this service from their home or from the Caregivers office. The volunteer is assigned 1 - 2 homebound senior clients. You would call each one, once a week to visit for a while. You would arrange a specific day and time each week with the client for your phone visit. Commitment: once a week for 30 minutes to an hour.

Errand Volunteer - These volunteers are "on-call" to help with errands for seniors in the Caregivers program. When a senior needs assistance, such as picking up a prescription at the drugstore, you would be contacted. If you are unavailable to run the errand, you can refuse the assignment and the Caregiver Coordinator would call another errand volunteer. We would then call you at another time when an errand is needed.

Community Clean Up - These one day projects can range from doing yard work for a senior citizen to cleaning up a neighborhood park.

Minor Home Repairs - These projects are perfect for someone with modest skills, such as repairing a window or door, changing a furnace filter for a senior citizen, repairing porch steps, etc.

Accessibility Projects - These important projects involve the construction of a handicapped ramp, handicapped accessibility improvements in a bathroom or the construction of a new porch.

Building New Houses - People of all skill levels are invited to assist in the creation of affordable housing. Jobs include dry walling, painting, landscaping, etc.

After School Sports - Volunteers are needed to operate baseball, basketball, football and soccer programs as positive alternatives for young men and women in the Unity Park neighborhood.

Newsletter - Assist with agency newsletters by writing articles, taking pictures, proofreading, sorting and mailing.

Painting Interior/Exterior - Volunteers can assist with jobs ranging from painting a single room to painting the exterior of a single house.

Direct Work with Clients - Conduct a workshop or seminar, help with job networking, host a birthday party, or assist with the PATH Clothing boutique.

Done-In-A-Day Projects - These projects include exterior painting or repairs of PATH buildings, seasonal parties for children and the Alumni Homecoming Party.

Professional Services - Assist with computer training, legal services, medical and dental services, and printing and typesetting.

Child Care Center - There are many ways to volunteer including reading stories, providing music lessons or concerts, tutor children of all ages and help with arts and crafts.

Building Maintenance - Volunteers can help with plumbing and electrical repairs, outdoor landscaping, general maintenance, and preparing apartments for new families.


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